Transferencia de grasa nalgas faja
Transferencia de grasa nalgas faja

Transferencia de grasa nalgas faja

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Reduce love handles in the back area of your abdomen with this shapewear tank top. Sexy FC slimming tank tops are originals made in Colombia.  The body shaper tank tops are of the highest quality, and this body shaping tank top is the ideal choice shapewear tank top to add to your collection of fajas colombianas!


  • Breathable shapewear garment
  • Great to use as summer shapewear attire
  • Slimming tank top helps you support a healthier you


  • Often used as a shapewear tank top
  • Slimming tank top is often used regularly around your home, under your clothes working at the office and using as an undergarment around the town
  • Improve your posture with this body shaper tank top!


Due to hygiene regulations, this girdle cannot be changed. If you have doubts about your size, please contact us.

Please note that the purchase and use of this girdle is under your responsibility.

If you have respiratory problems we advise you to consult your doctor.

Verify that you do not have allergies to the following fabrics; latex, power net, power flex, and triconet. Not all our girdles are made with these mixtures, ask before you buy for more information.

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