How do I find my ideal Size?

The more accurate the measurements, the more appropriate the FAJA COLOMBIANA size will be.

Many people do not know how to measure themselves, the results can lead to unsatisfactory experiences.


What do I need?

To take your body measurements you only need a measuring tape. Once you have it, work on your posture: - you should stand up, straight and without slouching. In turn -, it is recommended to wear only underwear, since outer clothing can alter the dimensions of your body.



How to measure waist for faja

It is measured on the navel or slightly above



How to measure waist for faja

Measured by the widest part. Remember that the legs must be together. If you have pants on, lower them to your knees.



How to measure waist for faja

The contour is measured just below your breasts and around your back. It can be done with the bra on.



How to measure waist for faja

Measured with a straight back, feet together and head aligned. It is recommended that another person take this measure for you.



How to measure waist for faja

It is recommended that you weigh yourself in the morning on an empty stomach. When using the scale, take off shoes, clothes and anything that carries weight.

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